About Me

I’m a Programmer with a degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University.  I had a cognate in Game Design and Development.  I’m currently working as a Programmer at Reactor Zero, LLC. in Ann Arbor, MI.

I’ve had a passion for gaming and game development for a long time now. Video games are an amazing medium; it has incredible power for deep interaction and storytelling.  They are a ton of fun to play too!  They present you with new ideas and worlds while making you feel like you are an important part of them.  Making great games is no simple task, but with a great team and a great vision, nothing is impossible. I’m glad that I get an opportunity to create something fun and amazing.

I play a bit of bass guitar, and love listening to music.  I create video games in my spare time with a group called Puny Human Games.  I also brew my own beer; my favorite so far has been the cream stout I made last November.

I also love the outdoors; my dad is a big outdoorsman and took us camping literally 2-3 times a year.  Recently, I’ve been to Arches Nation Park (picture of me in the delicate arch below) and went backpacking to the Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (also below).

Some of my more extended history:

I’ve been playing digital games since as early as I can remember, and programming games came about as naturally as playing them.  I had some good luck in having a great high school, and ended up taking a ton of math and programming classes.  I ended up writing a D&D number cruncher as a side project, and by the end of the semester I was dead set on becoming a game programmer.

After playing video games for such a long time, I longed to do more, and create them.  My years of gaming taught me to pick out good and bad design, and really analyze what makes games fun.  I got introduced to Counter-Strike by a friend, and began to look heavily into the half-life mod scene.  Low and behold, game developers weren’t the untouchable gods I thought them to be… anyone with the right skills and vision could do it!

I went to Michigan State University and met a ton of great professors and programmers. Most importantly, I fell in love with computer science all over again.  The potential of computing, the complexity of the systems generated, the elegance of the language (in it’s own way), and the challenge of learning the sheer volume of knowledge surrounding it.  It was like writing a sci-fi novel every day.

Eventually I got into MSU’s Game Development program and started getting more focused on making games.  I was thrilled to find out that design (both game and code architecture) seemed to be intuetive to me.  I ended up getting the chance to work with some really talented people, and it sort of snowballed from there.  I got an internship working at Reactor Zero with industry vets Jeff Slutter and Matt Toschlog of Outrage Entertainment fame, and began attending GDC.  I also worked as part of an MSU senior design class with Scientifically Proven Entertainment on the Man Vs Wild Xbox360/PS3/Wii game.

I was hired at Reactor Zero in August 2010, and have continued to refine my skills and grow my experiences.