With Puny Human Games, I worked on the Half Life 2 total conversion mod Dystopia.  Dystopia is a cyberpunk themed class-based first person shooter with dual cyberspace/meatspace gameplay and a strong competitive community. It is created by development team with both amateur and professional developers, and is released to the public for free.  It is a visually stunning game with an abundance of interesting game mechanics.  In addition to a modular implant system and integrated global statistic system, Dystopia has a unique dual-layered gameplay, with cyberspace and the real world reacting and interacting with each other.

I’ve been very impressed with how well organized the team is and how quickly I was able to jump in and start working.  As a virtual studio, communication is very important, so many team members are online most of the day, lurking in IRC, and are very willing to put tons of hours of their free time into the game’s development.  As a group, they are also very relaxed and a lot of fun to hang out and work with.  Dystopia is a game I’ve been playing for almost two and a half years now, and development on it was no less thrilling

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