Man vs. Wild: the Game

In my last semister at Michigan State University, I worked with Scientifically Proven Entertainment on developing prototypes for SPE’s first title, Man vs. Wild: The Game.  It was an amazing experience working with such big names in the industry as Activision  veterans Than McClure and Derek Faraci.  Working for them has been very insightful into both the AAA development process and the industry in general.

MSU worked with Scientifically Proven Entertainment over the Spring ‘10 semester to prototype various potential mini-games in the Man vs. Wild game as part of it’s Game Development Specialization senior design class.  Although these were rapid prototypes, an emphasis was put on both visual quality of presentation and on creating intuitive, contextual games.  Over the course of the semester MSU has created over 20 prototypes in total, and many made it in almost verbatim into the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii game.  We each received a “special thanks” credit on the game.

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