Ca$h Derby

Ca$h Derby Gameplay Video

Ca$h Derby is a fun and chaotic multiplayer game created near the end of 2009.  It was originally developed for our final project of the year in our game development class at MSU, and I’m very proud of the work that we did on this game.  In 4 weeks we built a networked physics-based car game that was a blast to work on is a lot of fun to play.

What I worked on for this project:

  • Acted as the project lead, managing feature deadlines and guiding group discussions
  • Worked through tricky and technically unfamiliar network problems
  • Created the mechanics for the car garages (physics and code)
  • Ensured a high standard of professionalism of content and presentation throughout development

Ca$h Derby was a great opportunity for me.  With this game we had a larger team (3 artists and 4 programmers) that was talented and ambitious.  None of the teams in MSU’s program have ever tried to do a networked game before, but we were not only going to make one, but make it polished and legitimately fun to play.

The larger team meant two things: that we could accomplish more as a whole, and that we needed organization.  The first meeting became stagnant and unproductive very quickly, and I stepped forward to try and lead the group.  We came to a consensus on the game’s concept and I kept our momentum by quickly moving the discussion to enumerating the work that would need to be done to get the game to where we wanted it by our first presentation.  The group was very self-motivated, but with direction they became efficient and enthusiastic, eventually accomplishing a level of polish that was impossible in many of our previous games.

Talent and determination really shone through on this project.  A lot of hourse were put in on this game despite finals and project deadlines popping up throughout the project.  It was tough throughout most of development, but everyone was committed to making the game great, and it shows. The game was a ton of fun to make too; I really think that the fact that the game was so fun to test and play right off the bat kept enthusiasm up and kept us going.

It was a great experience to work with so many awesome programmers.  On other projects we had at most two programmers, so we were swamped with work and only coordinated to prevent doubling up on work.  With so many programmers on the team this time, we were able to work together on tough problems and collaborate much more.  It was really a great environment to work in.  We took several tough problems and turned them into something I think we are all proud of.

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