Project Index

Current Project:
Heroes of Newerth – A DotA-like ARTS with fast, competitive multiplayer action.

Recent Projects:
Dystopia - A cyberpunk Half Life 2 total conversion multiplayer first person shooter.

Professional Collaborations:
Man vs. Wild: The Game – A MSU/Scientifically Proven collaboration on the AAA title.

Source Code Examples:
Number Operator – A program that finds the correct way to add and mul a string of digits.
PassClosestUnitFunction – From Thor’s Last Stand
– From Thor’s Last Stand

Past Projects:
Ca$h Derby – Smash and crash your way to the top in this multiplayer car game.
Thor’s Last Stand
– Play as Thor wielding the elements to stop an invading army.
Snow Crash- Sled down a snowy mountain and navigate around obstacles.
ColorJump – A unique 3d platformer with color as a central theme.

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